How It Works

Invitation Only – The invitation is for you only and guests must be approved.  Invitations are emailed out and we send a discrete text saying we mailed an invitation.

Where & When – The group parties are held at private homes. We encourage people to arrive within a half hour of the start time.  Some members have to work in the evenings and are provided special late access, approved in advance. Invitations including the address are sent out about a day or two before the party.

When You Arrive – Typically there is a relaxation zone where refreshments are provided and you can sit, chat and watch porn.  It starts an underwear party – when you arrive, strip down to your underwear or swimsuits or naked and put your clothes in a bag.  We understand that some newbies are nervous and can stay in the relaxation zone as long as they want. We are laid back and no pressure.

Be Polite – People are polite and not pushy so if you don’t want someone, you can signal that. We expect you to be polite in return if someone doesn’t want you. However, it is a group party so we hope you will spread the fun around.

Play Areas – There are rooms and play areas designated where guys can fool around. Condoms and lube are provided in the play areas.  At some locations, we have a sling setup.

Some guys have never done a group before and we understand that you may be a little nervous at first. It is a pretty laid back group, no pressure.  You can come early, have a drink or two, get comfortable, chat with the hosts and relax before others show. The common area is the relaxation zone where you can feel comfortable. When you are ready, you can venture into the play areas. We have all been in our speedos at the pool showing our off bodies so just think of it like that, like an underwear or pool party.

The Small Group List
We realized the group has grown and with our smaller parties, we cannot send out a general invite to everyone as there would not be enough room. If you indicated to be on the small group list, we send invites out in groups of 10. Please reply ASAP to our RSVP so we can get a good count.   It would have to be a definite commitment because a few guys not showing up in a smaller party is more critical than the larger ones. No shows to the small groups are removed from the small group list but will always send an invite to everyone for our large pool and hotel parties.

Mobile Text – Because email often goes to a spam folder and some people don’t check emails, we will be sending discrete text messages that you have an invitation in your box. Please enter your mobile number for text in the signup form. We will not call you or spam you.