What’s The Party Like

By far we have the hottest group in Dallas.  It’s private, discrete, selective and invitation only.

Sensory Overload –  Imagine you’re watching a hot orgy porn scene and you are so horny you wish you were with that guy instead of just jacking. What if you were able to step in, walk around, touch and be in it yourself.  Be the top for that hot boy with the tight ass or bottom for that hung hunk. Don’t dream about your fantasy, be in it. It’s hard to describe in words, you just have to be there.

Group Types – We have a variety of types but with a common theme.  The guys are in shape, whether that be slender, toned or muscualar.  Sorry but chubby is not allowed. We also select guys that we feel would be attractive to others in the group.  Most are in their 20s and 30s with a few hot handsome daddy types (40s). Some very smooth twink like and some hairy in the right places and scruffed.

Group Sizes – We host smaller groups from 3 to 10 as well as larger ones  25+ in our home.  At the wildly popular pool parties, it is usually 40+.

History – The group started about 5 years ago and we have been hosting at private homes.

Safe or BB – We encourage everyone to be responsible and provide condoms. Some guys are on PREP and go bareback.

Read How It Works for more information.

Newbies – Here is what some members emailed us.

I was a newbie at the pool party on August 2nd.  I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous beforehand and walking up to the door.  Once the door opened, I could not have felt more welcome and was immediately put at ease.  I was greeted by Rob who welcomed me and gave me a couple of quick pointers and introduced me to the other hosts.  I was shown to the kitchen where I made myself a cocktail – and then off to the patio to relax with the rest of the guys.  Soon, the party was in full force and it was like nothing I’d ever experienced.  It was nothing short of amazing.  Everyone was so at ease and mingled and played together so well.  Guys seemed to float from one play space to the other – or to the pool or hot tub or to the patio to rest up for another round 🙂  The guys were all great and the erotic energy was off the charts.  I was nervous for nothing and only regret that this was my first time.  I’ve been missing out – but now that I’ve been – I don’t intend to miss out again!  Awesome all the way around.