Newbies – Here is what some members emailed us.

I was a newbie at the pool party on August 2nd.  I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous beforehand and walking up to the door.  Once the door opened, I could not have felt more welcome and was immediately put at ease.  I was greeted by Rob who welcomed me and gave me a couple quick pointers and introduced me to the other hosts.  I was shown to the kitchen where I made myself a cocktail – and then off to the patio to relax with the rest of the guys.  Soon, the party was in full force and it was like nothing I’d ever experienced.  It was nothing short of amazing.  Everyone was so at ease and mingled and played together so well.  Guys seemed to float from one play space to the other – or to the pool or hot tub or to the patio to rest up for another round 🙂  The guys were all great and the erotic energy was off the charts.  I was nervous for nothing and only regret that this was my first time.  I’ve been missing out – but now that I’ve been – I don’t intend to miss out again!  Awesome all the way around. 


Great time last night Rob. Just got my feet wet but can’t wait for the next one if y’all will still have me after this trial. I’d love to try the sling next time.

Rob, I love your group.  I never have to worry that there will be any fat ugly people there.

Hey HotGroup, I had a blast at your last party.  All the guys were hot, especially the guys in their 40s. Oh, the young ones were hot too but you know I like a man.

Hi, Thanks for inviting me to your party.  I was a little nervous at first but everyone was so nice and friendly.  I really connected with this hot guy that I am going to meet later.  Thanks for emailing him for me.

Thanks, fur a great party. I had a blast, Van

Hi rob, it’s Carlos I have a really good time last night, you can send me the invites to this email, Thanks 

Adam (The taller one) and I (the shorter one) had an amazing night, you and everyone were wonderful!  We cannot wait to do it again. We really appreciate the atmosphere and respect that moved throughout your house and could not have